About Trust

Shree Manav Seva Cheritable Trust, Jasela Was Established In April 2008.

 Trust Team

Name Position
Shree Manohar Vyas President
Shree Akhilesh Vyas Secretary
SMT. Prakuti Vyas Treasurer
Shree Anilchand Pandya Member
SMT. Hiteshlat Vyas Member

Our Aim

Our charitable trust works to start up different activities and innovative experiments for the development of education and education related activities.

Our charitable trust works to establish and manage school,colleges and dorm for pre-elementary,primary,secondary,higher secondary,professional and technical education to enhance the development of Humanity.

Our charitable trust works for the welfare of the women. We also supports works which are for the welfare of the Society.
Our charitable trust arrange sports activities for the better physical health.We also establish sports training centers.
Our charitable trust establish and manage school,college,art centers and other educational organzations.